Friday, April 29, 2016

New Block on the Prairie

"Good Evening Friends"
Shew wee! It's time to come up for air.
I have been working on a new quilt block for the oldest daughter,
and can't seem to quit. I love these blocks, and they are such fun
and enjoyment putting them together. I had searched for
several weeks on which pattern to do for her, and this came so
easy when memories of her childhood began flooding my mind.
This quilt pattern is called (The Prairie Flower ) and the fabric line is
"Little House on the Prairie" by Kathy Hall for Andover Fabric.
When this daughter was little she would set and watch the show "Little House
on the Prairie" and cry when there were sad scenes, & even cry when their weren't.   She loved the bonnets and aprons that the girls wore  back then ,so I made her an apron and a bonnet which she keeps  hanging in her kitchen today, 
cause she's all grown up now, but a little secret between us
 ( she still watches the re-runs and yep she still cry's.) She said
that there was a simplicity of time and love and neighbors back then
and people knew their neighbors and helped one another and there was
 time for Family, and Friends.
And that came forth in that show. Time for dinner at the table with love ones
after a long hard day in the field. We knew that family time was important and always made a point to have that Family time at the table,
and we also did when I was coming up, we set at the
supper table and ate together and talked as a Family. How our world
needs that today.  Family Value and God.
Ok so here is some of the blocks of this quilt.

Be Blessed and as always
God Bless with hugs and love.
And remember
Memories and  Love come together one stitch at a time!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Love Notes Quilting Progress

Good Afternoon friends.
Just popping in to share a little update on the one
quilt, I'm working on. It's coming along, thou I still have
a lot of squares to go. I have been working today on
 putting them together for the big block its self.
I have them spread across my bed, as you can see.
Well some of them, there's a lot more to go.
 This pattern is called,
~Love Notes~.
If you look you can see that they look like little envelopes.
 I think its going to be pretty when finished.
Have a blessed Monday afternoon.
Hugs & Love, with God's blessings.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Meadows Blooming at Beth's

~Good Friday Morning Everyone~
I thought I would share with you some of the things, I
have been working on . The weekend is upon us but I have a
free day today ( Oh! Happy Day ) . House work and laundry done,
easy supper for tonight ( Pasta/ with Italian fixings ). Hubby is at
Church today helping with landscaping, planting and so forth.
Aww!! the house is quite, well except for the music.  I love the
Pan Flute, ( I listen to while I'm sewing.)
 Ok, so on with what I'm doing.
 I am working on a quilt, ( among many other projects ) for my daughter,
well actually, I'm working on two at one time,
I have two daughters. Aww!! the love of quilting, and nothing says
Love and memories better than putting a quilt together for a precious
daughter. I have been thinking about when my girls were little,
Oh! my where does the time go. But you know there is always a
story in every quilt, ( I will share some of these in a later post. )
and quilting is where memories & stitches come together. An heirloom
and a little of yourself for them to enjoy thru the years, Ok mushy
enough, I have to get back to the sewing. I did 42 squares this morning
 whoo! hoo, & I only have 100 to go, ( lol )
So have to go for now got a lot to do.
So God's blessings to you, have a great day and weekend,
Happy Sewing and Crafting, & Hugs.


P.S. You know that little saying about where all your sewing,
extends to or winds up at . Well this is mine, lol, lol.
The above picture is my kitchen counter. The one above this is my
sewing room, but there's just something about that counter!